Contract Machining Services

In the pictures that follow, we present you with photographs and general specifications of typical samples of contract components manufactured by our factory.

Please bear in mind that these few parts are only a token selection of the many hundreds of contract components we manufacture for various clients.

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PRODUCT:       Fastening screw for wall-mounting assembly.

THREAD:          M4 x 0.70mm P.

MATERIAL:      Brass (385).


images/Sample2 PRODUCT:      Stepped Screw.

THREAD:         M4 x 0.70mm P.

MATERIAL:      Brass (385) Nickel Plated.


Sample3 PRODUCT:       Ø 3/8" Tube Sleeve.

THREAD:          Nil.

MATERIAL:      Ø 14.00mm Delrin.



PRODUCT:       Valve Regulator.

THREAD:          M8 x 0.75mm P.

MATERIAL:      Brass (385).